CCTV Solutions & Services

You would like to act preventively through use of CCTV systems. However, installing a security camera in a simple way is not enough and thus there are a lot of questions in your mind.

Starting with the planning of the CCTV solution itself, through the decision of suitable products, to the configuration of automatic monitoring and long-term maintenance, NNP TECH’s experts will be happy to support you with all questions, concerns and challenges.
  • Consultancy and requirements analysis for best performance in video surveillance system
  • Document preparation including concept and proposal for your video surveillance system
  • Possible test scenarios
  • Installation of the security cameras and integration to the given IT infrastructure
  • Configuration of the recommended camera security settings
  • Test of entire video surveillance system
  • User briefing on the CCTV system
  • Maintenance and support of security cameras and monitoring

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