IT & Desktop Services

Managed Desktop and IT Support from NNP TECH to maximize the performance, reliability, security, and privacy of your system. To avoid any kind of OS issues, we always monitor the performance and required updates for your desktop. We mainly focus on the following services regarding Desktop and IT Support and relieve the burden for your IT teams.

If your IT systems are having a one-off dilemma, our on-demand break fix services provide you with an experienced engineer onsite to support as soon as possible.

NNP TECH also has certified level 1-3 backline support and a range of Global support partners, ensuring your customers can access the support they need, wherever they are and in their preferred language.

Our comprehensive onsite support services ensure your customers can get the support they require onsite, without the costs of employing full-time IT staff. Neither you or your customers have to worry about finding the best people for the job, as the NNP TECH team have you covered.

Depending on the requirements of your business, we offer a range of onsite services. We provide dedicated engineers, working just for your organisation.

To find out more about our onsite services, fill in our contact form below and we’ll get back to you with more information.

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